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frequently asked questions

About Garden City Marquees

Q – What are the advantages of hiring a marquee rather than say, using a hotel or function suite?
A – You can hold the event at your own home or at a pre selected venue. The marquee size and layout can be arranged to precisely meet your requirements. There is no time, or noise restrictions in a marquee, you are free to party all night!

Q - What size of marquee will I need?
A – For comfort and safety reasons, the size of your marquee must be driven from the number of guests rather than the size of the available plot.

Q – Will my garden be suitable for a marquee?
A – To site a marquee you will need a reasonably flat and level area at least 2 metres lager than the marquee dimensions on all sides. The plot should be clear of overhanging trees and underground services. Clear vehicle access must be available to within 30 metres of the proposed site. Where the marquee is to be sited on grass, please give the grass a good cut and remove all cuttings as close to the event as possible. If you have a dog please clear the lawn before we arrive, it’s very difficult to get dog mess off of matting and linings.

Q – What about Electrical Power?
A - We will need to take power from your house supply to run the marquee lights, a 13A socket is usually sufficient but if your caterers require power for boilers and ovens etc we will need to tap into your mains supply at the fuse board. This would be carried out by qualified Electricians at extra cost. Where a suitable local supply is not available we are happy to provide silent power generation.

Q – We are expecting a lot of guests, what about toilets?
A – Toilets are not a problem; we can arrange anything from single individual units up to luxury trailers complete with hand basins and hot and cold running water. Please ask us to quote you.

Q - When will you take the marquee away?
A – Generally we remove the marquee on a Monday or Tuesday following the week-end hire. At very busy times we may ask to remove it on a Sunday. Please ensure that all the bodies are removed before we arrive!

Q – Can you provide table linen?
A – We can provide Table cloths and other linen as required. Please take care of them we will charge for cigarette burns and mildew. If they are wet, please allow them to dry before putting then into bags as mildew will form. Egyptian damask tablecloths cost around £50.00 each to purchase new.

Q – What about the weather?
A – All our marquees are designed to withstand wind loading of 60 MPH and driving rain, but it is very dangerous to attempt erecting or removing a marquee in high winds (in excess of 25MPH) where this occurs there may be delays. Unfortunately this is unavoidable.

Q – What about entertainment?
A – Although we can’t arrange entertainment for you, there are some things you must consider. Disco’s will not setup on the dance floor so always make sure you allow room for the disco to setup behind. Bands are normally very specific about their requirements for Stage, power and Lighting. Please ask them before you finalise the layout.